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Do you need an inspiring motivational speaker at your next event? Look no further.

You’ve probably heard of motivational speakers who transform a normal company function into a profound, life-changing experience. Suddenly, an event people may have been dragged to kicking and screaming, leaves them inspired, motivated and excited to take on new challenges. In short, a 60-90 minute interactive seminar with them has positively changed the effectiveness of your workforce for years to come.  Of course, the business soars with a more motivated workforce that has a new mindset that always asks "What can I do to make things better?"  One employee said of Alan's dialogue with them "Alan is so excited about these concepts, he excites us!"

Sound too good to be true? It sounds even better when your employees are buzzing with excitement after Alan Olson has made it happen. As a master storyteller, Alan takes his audiences on rides of self-discovery, engaging them in profound discussions while guiding them to higher consciousness.

Alan believes a great motivator speaks in the specific voice of the audience that wants to be inspired. Thus, he custom tailors every event to his audience, the venue and what the organization is looking to achieve. Specifically, Alan focuses on:

  • Inspiring people from within themselves to Live Life Grand
  • How to change team dynamics to egoless creative collaboration
  • How to listen through another person’s eyes, mind and heart 
  • How to create close, meaningful, supportive relationships
  • How to live a principle centered life
  • How to think and act to have your dreams come true

So if you’re ready to spark inspiration, improve communication, and skyrocket the performance and morale of your workforce, contact Alan by filling out the form below; contact us today and let us know about your event. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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"I was amazed to sit there and watch how every single person was totally mesmerized by how Alan engages people so deeply."  

"Your ability to translate and convey the subjects of these workshops into usable, remember-able, and effective personal tools was, for me, the key. Of all the workshops and personal improvement courses I have taken, I am most impressed and have been most influenced by your ability and talent. Your methods, personal approach to the subject matter, and ability to allow me to affectively apply techniques presented in the workshop were motivating and brilliant!"

You made the difference!

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