Living Life Grand

What it Means to Live Life Grand

Imagine the feeling you get when you see an incredible magic trick.  A trick that defies logic and everything you know about the laws of the Universe.  You’re amazed, excited and for a few seconds, whatever stress you’re carrying miraculously melts away.  In short, you’re alive.
Now imagine spending every moment like this.  It sounds impossible and yet we were all born this way.  There is no yesterday, tomorrow or even five minutes from now for a toddler.  The only thing that matters to them is the only thing that truly exists:  The Present Moment. 
But as we grow older, this miracle of existence fades and we spend less and less time in the moment.  Stress wears us down, things we “need to do” occupy our minds or things “we already did” fill us with regret.  If we’re not careful, our lives can pass without us ever having truly lived them. 
The good news is a greater experience of life is out there and it is right NOW !  The past is over, the future never comes, the only moment in which we can live with the Joy of laughing, the ecstasy of Love, and the calm of inner Peace is NOW, the Present. If we are sad, mad, shameful, or frustrated about the past or anxious or fearful of the future we are robbing ourselves of the magic of Life, the Joy and Love that are ours to have and express continuously. 
Once you really connect with this concept and are able to let go of the thoughts that hold you back, you won’t need an illusion to experience the magic of life anymore, you’ll be living the magic of life—You’ll be Living Life Grand.

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